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Free Attends Premier Samples

Free Attends Premier Sample

Get the premium overnight protection you deserve by requesting a free sample of Premier overnight protection underwear from Attends. Attends Premier provides a range of ultra-soft, high-performing, disposable incontinence products designed to manage heavy urinary or fecal incontinence.

  1. I would love some samples of the attends for men small thank you

  2. would like a sample of of the overnight pad



  4. please send womens sample size small & medium

  5. I’d love to try your product..I’ve tried other brands but they leak…so hopefully your product will be just what I’m looking for.

  6. Would like to have you send me a sample of your product.

  7. would like to try your premier overnight med in size. Thank you.

  8. Spouse recently had stroke. and am tired of buying products that don’t work. He is small apprx 28″ waist, 145 lbs. Please send pull ups with heavy absorbency and anything else i can sample. Thanks.

  9. I am needing 3 sample of overnight and daytime products in X Large, XX Large and XXXLarge for my 84 Mother. Trying to find the right product size for her but she needs to try it out before buying. Thank you.

  10. Please send samples of your underwear. I have a severe incontinent problem day and night.

  11. Need Xlarge or maybe Large of the overnight samples.


    PS. where do I enter home address, etc.

  12. Would like to try sample of diaper for my dad who has had a stroke. We are learning of what works for him and what does not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. I would appreciate a sample of an extra absorbant Tena underware as I have both incontinence problems and need more help than Depends can give me. Thank you very much. Ruth Soppe

  14. Iam 78 yrs old I have had incontinence problems for many yrs, 2 surgers did no help, the problems have gotten worse over the yrs. I am a small person just under 5 ft, & 114ibs . Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you

  15. I am useing my grandparents computer because I am disabled & on Medicare & Medicaid, I am not able to afford a computer. I have been using a different brand of absorbant disposable underware & I am not happy with it because it leaks and I wake up every night soaking wet. I am 43 yrs old, I have Bi-polar & type 2 diabetes. I am hpoing that you can help me, thank you

  16. I would like to get some free diapers with tabs or pull ups size medium maximum absorbancy due to no control with my bladder and I’m almost out plus been laid off work without pay until this covid 19 goes away so I been flat broke since February and I’m doing all I can to make sure I don’t run out but now the looks of it I will run out then I’m not sure what I’m gonna do please help me

  17. It is hard to find a diaper that dose not leak out the side at night. Can you send me a sample, please.

  18. It is hard to find a diaper that dose not leak out the side at night. Can you send me a sample or too, please. I would like to test some to if you woild like. I can be a tester for you. Just saying. Smiles can mean a lot.

  19. would like a free sample

  20. I am needing to start wearing adult women’s incontinent underwear. Can you send me samples of your products in Large.

  21. Need XXL adult mens diapers free sample pls

  22. I would like to try any products you have in xxxl size. Trying to find what works best.

  23. Can i get some samples in a large. I have problems with them leaking at night. Also would like to try the pull ups .

  24. I had just started to get incontinence. Am 55 and looking for a overnight adult diaper to help. Can you help in finding the right one?

  25. I would like a depends that doesn’t leak

  26. Samples for extreme Urinary incontinence and slight bowel

  27. I would really appreciate free samples of pullup size sm and any thick pads

  28. i like a free sample here

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