Living Better With Incontinence

Free Attends Sample + Government Reimbursement Programs

Free Attends

Don’t hide from incontinence – keep up the active life you love with Attends. Their incontinence supplies, which include diapers, briefs, pads, underpads and wipes, offer choices for all ages and stages of incontinence. They changed their program and you will have to call to request a free trial.

Free Attends Sample

You can request a free Attends sample when you give them a call to determine which product is right for you or your loved one.

Attends Government Reimbursement Programs

You can also get information about reimbursement for your adult incontinence supplies through government programs at both the local and state level.

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  1. I am 61 and have to wear a pad daily. Have not tried Attends, but I have reached the stage of needing more protection. Thanks

  2. Thanks for that information Janice D. I was just talking about this with friends the other day, asking them if they wonder if your at the stage of needing more protection. is it the smearing that’s getting worse? Smearing in your pants.

  3. Ib,have started doing the leakage problem and Teva works so much better than any thing else

  4. I need underwear i pee alotn

  5. Adult diapers are great just for convenience. Although I don’t have any medical problems, I drink over 2 gallons of water and tea per day and may be somewhere where I can’t get to a bathroom quickly so by always having on an adult diaper, I am always ready. They are great for traveling, while at movies, concerts, sporting events, etc. I never go without one on.

  6. The offer is no longer there. I am young and deal with urgency issues. I’m always trying to find a better product. Specially, because I am young and most of this stuff is for older people who really honestly could care less as long as it works. For me, if it bulges too much I have to wear long t-shirts and that gets annoying.

  7. I have to purchase 108 briefs a month and that is real costly for my social security check that I receive. Is there anyway to receive free briefs in my situation? Thanks 8/1/2019

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