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Incontinence Exercises

Incontinence Exercises known as Kegels and pelvic floor muscle exercises are used to strengthen weak bladder muscles. Over time, this can dramatically help to control leakage incidents, namely with Stress urinary incontinence in women. It is recommended that a doctor or nurse teach you the appropriate way to practice these exercises, and some areas even have physical therapists that are specifically trained to focus on pelvic floor therapies. But in the meantime, you can try some basic Kegel exercises for yourself to get the basic idea.

Always try these exercises firstly by lying down. Over time you can do them while standing or sitting, as your muscles get more conditioned. Being aware of not squeezing your stomach or leg muscles, squeeze the muscles in your genital area. Visualize it as similar to the act of trying to stop urinary flow or flatulation.

Clench these pelvic muscles for about three seconds if you can. Then relax the muscles for three seconds. Repeat these three second cycles in sets of 10 at a time, but work up to it gradually. Do not overexert yourself and please seek a professional’s advice for the best exercise program suited for you and your urinary incontinence.

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