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OTC Bladder Support Products Revolutionizing Stress Incontinence Treatment

Poise Impressa

Women suffering from the embarrassment and frustration of stress incontinence (SI) can take comfort knowing there’s a new option available on the market. In an effort to bridge the gap between light incontinence products (pads, undergarments, etc.) and more invasive inter-vaginal devices and surgeries, the Poise brand has released it’s line of Impressa bladder supports. The Impressa is a non-absorbent device that is inserted like a tampon. Upon expansion, the support puts pressure on the urethra to prevent SI leaks before they start.

Impressa differs from traditional pessaries, which are generally rigid and uncomfortable, require constant handling and need to be prescribed and fitted by a physician. In addition to the Impressa, Poise is offering a sizing kit for women to determine what size support they need.

65% of  U.S. women ages 35-65 say they have experienced urinary leakage, with SI being the primary type of incontinence. 73% of those women reported that they could feel more active and confident  if they could prevent leaks, rather than just absorb them.  In clinical tests, participants found Impressa to dramatically reduce leaks while improving their quality of life – 94% enjoyed a leak decrease of 70% or more. 

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