Living Better With Incontinence

Top 5 Best Pads & Liners Reviewed

Incontinence Guide reviews the vast variety of incontinence pads and liners on the market including finding the lowest price, coupons and samples to help you make the best decision in your incontinence pads purchase.

Best Incontinence Pads

#1 Poise Incontinence Pads

What People Say About Poise Pads:
PROS: Excellent absorption, patented Leak-Block sides, discreet packaging
CONS: New design slightly narrower than previous (minimal complaints)
Overall Rating: #1

The combination of affordability and consistently positive customer feedback on Amazon makes these Poise pads our top choice for leak protection. The majority of users are overwhelmingly pleased with shape and size, though a few take exception to a slightly less wide design.

Poise Pads Details:
Poise Maximum Absorbency Pads stay 3 times drier than regular sanitary pads and are the best option in the Poise family for moderate to maximum leakage. They feature an Absorb-Loc core that quickly traps bladder leakage wetness and odor, as well as Leak-Block sides which help contain leaks to prevent accidents. The Dry-Touch layer keeps you feeling confident and comfortably dry.

Poise makes pads for varying levels of protection, from their ultra-thin pads that support light drips to their ultimate absorbency pads which support more severe leakage. Please take a look and find the right one for you.

#2 Tena Intimates Pads

What People Say About Tena Intimates Pads:
PROS: Very absorbent, comfortable and dry, odor-free
CONS: A little large, indiscreet shipping
Overall Rating: #2

We found that 84% of users gave these Tena Incontinence Pads for Women 5-star reviews.

Tena Intimates Pads Details:
Tena Intimates Incontinence Pads use 3D technology to wick moisture away from the skin while their excellent absorbency protects against surge incontinence and severe bladder leaks.

Tena’s new ProSkin technology protects against leaks, odor and wetness to promote freshness and skin health. Users are shown to be very happy with their thickness and absorbency and have found that they can be used just as well as overnight pads. Note that, like Poise, Tena offers a line of pad products that suit your unique needs. Whether you experience light to severe leakage due to incontinence, Tena has a pad that is right for you.

#3 Always Discreet Incontinence Pads

What People Say About Always Discreet Pads:
PROS: Great absorbency for their thickness, always ship discreetly
CONS: Not enough padding for some, some find an objectionable odor
Overall Rating: #3

Users are generally pleased with Always Discreet pads, specifically noting the excellent protection they get with this surprisingly thin incontinence pad. They are also a great value for the price. A few customers found that these lightly scented pads produced an objectionable odor when reacting with their bodies – many others found none at all.

Always Discreet Pads Details:
Always Discreet Incontinence Pads have a RapidDry core that quickly transforms liquids into gel to help lock away leaks and odors. Absorbing 4 times more than sanitary pads in their class, these thin and comfortable pads are scented with OdorLock technology – helping to neutralize the odors normally associated with incontinence.

Again, as with Poise and Tena, Always Discreet pads are sold in varying size and protection levels to serve different customers’ requirements uniquely.

Best Incontinence Liners

#4 Always Discreet Incontinence Liners

What People Say About Always Discreet Liners:
PROS: Super absorbent, ultra comfortable, discreet shipping
CONS: As with the pads, some users don’t care for the scented option
Overall Rating: #4

Always tops our list in the liner department for their combination of comfort, protection and affordability. Their popularity has given them a consistent Top Seller rating on Amazon.

Always Discreet Liners Details:
For an incontinence liner, Always Discreets are hard to beat. They offer twice the protection of regular sanitary pads and are specially formulated to absorb bladder leaks and odors.

Customers rave about the pads’ thin and flexible design and an easy to open, re-sealable wrapper for discreet disposal – features you definitely want in a liner. For comfortable protection for light leaks, Always Discreet Incontinence Liners have you covered.

#5 Poise Liners for Light Bladder Leakage

What People Say About Poise Liners:
PROS: Dry and comfortable, perfect sizing, unscented
CONS: Shipping discretion seems to vary
Overall Rating: #5

82% of users on Amazon gave these Poise Liners a 5-star review. And, for those that prefer an unscented liner, Poise Liners for Light Bladder leakage seem to be a good alternative to the Always line.

Poise Liners Details:
Poise Liners seem to be gaining popularity as customers become more aware of them. Using the same Absorb-Loc core as their line of pads, Poise Liners quickly trap moisture and odor.

The Thin-Flex technology moves with you and stays in place for maximum comfort and their Dry-Touch layer keeps you 3 times drier than regular period liners. Sizes can be found in regular and long. Keep an eye out for Poise Microliners for a super thin option.