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Poise: Free Light Leaks Starter Pack

Poise Samples

You can request a free starter pack for light leaks from Poise that is ideal for women with lighter bladder leaks. The kit includes:

One (1) Lightest Absorbency Regular Length Poise Microliner
One (1) Very Light Absorbency Long Length Poise Liner
One (1) Light Absorbency Poise Thin-Shape Pad

  1. would like to try them

  2. Samples please

  3. looking forward to receiving the sample pack

  4. I would enjoy a free sample of the light absorbency thin shape pad please. And thanks so much in advance.

  5. I am interested in acquiring a sample package since I am experiencing some incontinence and would like to know how to wearing this feels.

  6. Please send me the sample package.
    Thank you!

  7. Please send me the sample package.Thank you!

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