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Free Poise Impressa Starter Pack

Poise Impressa

Hurry while supplies last and request your free Poise Impressa Starter Pack that includes Size 1, 2 and 3 of their revolutionary new bladder supports that are soft, flexible and invisible. Impressa is designed to comfortably and discreetly help stop leaks before they happen. You can alternatively request a Light Leaks Starter Pack that includes two pads and a liner.

You can get Poise samples and coupons direct from Poise for their Ultra Thin Pads.

The Poise Ultra Thin Pads offer light protection for mild incontinence. But the real advantage is how active you can remain with the super thin design, and yet still stay drier. Poise pad products are made to target little bladder leaks (LBL) so you can keep on living the active life you love without worrying about leakage slowing you down.

Poise pads feature absorb-loc® core to whisk and seal away moisture plus a patented dry-touch® layer so you’ll stay comfortable all day. You can request free Poise samples or print high-value money saving free coupons.

More Free Poise Samples

You can request a free sample Poise Liner pack or Poise Pads pack directly from Poise.
The Liner Sample Kit includes:

  • 1 Poise Microliner Regular
  • 1 Poise Liner Long Length
  • 1 Poise Ultra Thin Pad

The Pad Sample Kit includes:

  • 1 Poise Thin-Shape Moderate Pad
  • 1 Poise Maximum Pad
Poise Impressa Info & Coupon

The latest Poise product for management of Stress Incontinence (SUI) is called Impressa and is inserted into the vagina like a tampon. Impressa is a Bladder Suppors that can help stop leaks before they start by gently supporting the urethra. While Impressa has been known to reduce and even stop leakage for some women, it may not work at all for others. Although there is not a free sample of Impressa available at this time, you can request a coupon for a Poise Impressa Bladder Supports Sizing Kit or Poise Impressa Single‑Size Pack.

Canada Residents

Use this Sample Request Form to request samples in Canada.

More about Poise

Poise offers pads for every level of incontinence. Their Microliners are remarkably thin yet highly absorbent, perfect for the lightest leaks. On the other end of the spectrum, they offer Ultimate Pads for maximum absorbency. The Ultimate Pads can handle overnight disasters and are available in Thin or Original shaped pads.

You can use the Seize Your Moment product selector to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Or peruse the Absorbency Guide to determine which level of protection fits you best.

Poise is owned by the Kimberley-Clark Worldwide (KCWW). KC also manufactures other major brand name products such as Depends, Cottonelle and Kleenex.

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    Free Poise Impressa Starter Pack
    Hurry while supplies last and request your free Poise Impressa Starter Pack that includes Size 1, 2 and 3 of their revolutionary new...
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