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Portable Urinals

For both the physically impaired and those who may engage in activities that prolong voiding, such as long distance driving, a portable urinal can be used both in a proactive and preventative manner. Because of their uses for camping and traveling, there are a wide-variety of choices in urinals. Many have specific design for male or female purposes, and can range in price from about $5 to more than $50.

Best Portable Urinals

TravelJohn Disposable Urinals

TravelJohn Disposable Urinals

TravelJohn makes a line of disposable urinals that are great for situations where you can’t get to a restroom in time.

These inopportune moments may include being stuck in traffic, camping and hunting trips, boating or while flying a plane. In some cases you may simply no longer be able to take a long car ride without the need to go. Instead of the hassle of stopping constantly you can use a TravelJohn disposable urinal.

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